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Wood Chips



For residential, cottage, home owner associations, community centres, office, store fronts, and more

Residential Collection

EcoIceGrip product

Single Bag

One bag is 20L (or 5.2 gallons) and covers approx. 550 square feet or 50 square meters.  Each bag only weighs approx. 7 kg or 15 pounds.

Benefits of ECOICEGRIP


Prevent Damage

Save Money

Our wood chips are sourced from forest product residuals that originate from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified forests. A sustainable product that is noncorrosive, reusable and biodegradable.


Traction without tracking! Once applied, EcoIceGrip chips stay in place and won’t track into the house or car to scratch or damage personal property. They won’t corrode your interlock and concrete or harm your plants and damage your lawn.


One 20-L bag of EcoIceGrip wood chips covers a large surface area (60 square metres). Light-weight and buoyant, the wood chips remain largely in place when ice melts and refreezes. No need to start all over! You use much less and it lasts much longer than conventional materials.


Swiss studies have shown that treated wood chips contain no heavy metals or toxic contaminants at winter’s end. This means they have a second life as landscape mulch or compost. Either way, the biomass chips are fully biodegradable.

Grip, don't slip! Our traction chips become embedded in snow and ice to provide a safe, comfortable walking surface that’s highly visible, so you can walk with confidence in icy conditions.

EcoIceGrip makes every day a walk in the park for your pets! No toxic salt to worry about and no abrasive material to hurt their paws.

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