SEATS Program

Safe Economical Alternative to Salt

Safe, Economical Alternative To Salt

For Municipal and Institutional use

  • Municipal Use: Parks, Bike Paths, Common Areas, Walkways

  • Institutional Use: Schools, Daycares, Playgrounds

  • Recreational Use: Ski Hills, Trail Networks

Increasingly, maintenance operations are concerned about keeping costs in check while not compromising safety, damaging infrastructure or harming trees, plants and water resources. 

The pressures can be enormous. 

Let us be part of the solution with our SEATS program.


This complete turn-key program is designed specifically for municipal, institutional and recreational operations. The kit includes training for supervisors, operators and contractors as well as ready-to-go material, delivered to your site.  

The SEATS program will cover the following:

  • Product Introduction

  • SEATS Field Trial Program

  • Planning Your Trial

  • Site Selection

  • Storage, Handling, and Safety

  • Equipment

  • Product Application & Re-Application

  • Reuse & Biodegradability 

  • Data Collection

  • Trial Package Options

  • Service Team


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