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"We have been using EcoIceGrip on the steps and walkways of a new apartment building this winter and are very impressed with the product.  We had concerns about using salt because it would eat away at the cement steps and people tend to track sand into the apartments so when a friend mentioned EcoIceGrip, we thought it would be worth a try.  

We are very impressed with how easy it is to spread and how long it lasts.  We have received a lot of compliments from tenants about being ecofriendly and how it doesn't track into their apartments or bother their pet's paws.  They are also very impressed with the traction it provides on both the stairs and walkways.  With many senior tenants this was very important to us.   

Overall, we have been very impressed with Eco Friendly EcoIceGrip.  We will continue to use it and look forward to the spring when we don't have a lot of sand to clean!!"


- Dave Chaplin

Vice President

NorChap Development

"Well, I have my first use, test results for the Stop Gliss BIO treated wood chips. 

Walks and driveway were coated in thick very slippery ice. 3 days ago. 

After a couple of minutes the product adhered to the ice surface. Provided good walking and driving grip. 

Does not track into house. Great stuff.! 

It tends to wick up moisture there by drying the walk surface over time. 

By the way at the height of the falling freezing rain / ice I also used some crushed stones. 

I might sweep some Bio chips up and save for next time. But will be also easily and safely swept on to grass.


- Doug

I eventually managed to buy a bag of Stop-Gliss-Bio (en français) from Ecoverdure on Friday, and used it for the first time yesterday. My driveway was pretty much a sheet of ice, so I decided to spread it by hand so that my grandkids (and their parents) could feel safe walking on it. 

So far, I am very impressed. Everyone (Including me) who walked on it felt stability rarely experienced on salted ice, even if 'gravelled'. 

My initial concern was that even if it were effective, the wood chips would be trudged into the house, making a mess on the living room floor. Not so. The chips stayed embedded in the ice. 

My other concern was the price.....about $ 26.00 (tax incl.) for one bag. But based on my initial consumption, I should be able to get another 7 or 8 uses from the one bag. Pretty good when I compare to the unsightly (and often ineffective) use of salt and gravel. 

Based on this experience, I think the Eco Ice Grip distributors are already missing a selling opportunity by not making this stuff widely known and available in Reno Depot, Home Depot-type stores. An advertising campaign on TV, or even a video in stores should convince eco and non-eco sensitive consumers alike of the value of this product. 

- Bill

"This is one amazing product.  Softwood wood chips with just the right mix of magnesium chloride to help the chips to melt into and stick on the ice - making the safest icy walkway I ever walked on.  This is a Swiss invention and Canadian distribution is just beginning. 

See comments at the end of this page from people who have just tried it or to add your own experience, good or bad.

I have used this product for two winters now and it is unbelievable. It stays put and if a lot of ice builds up over it, you may need more, but when it begins to melt, the chips float to the surface and then freeze right there where you need them.  If you have very cold hard ice, fresh chips may not stick right away.  Add just a bit of regular deicer or salt to the surface just to get the chips wet and then they stick for the rest of the winter. It is pH neutral for your plants and pets.  At the end of the winter, just vacuum them up and although they will be lacking the magnesium, you can mix them with a new supply the following winter. You could sweep them up but then you collect all the winter's dirt and grit.  On a dry day after the ice has gone and the chips are sun dried, hold a vacuum hose just above the chips and since they are so light, they will just come up leaving the junk behind.  Add deicer or fine salt to the bag and you are ready for the next winter with very little loss of material.  More details on their website --

If you are looking for information on de-icers, follow this link.


Moving from a start-up operation here in Quebec and Ontario two years ago, they were so successful that they have a manufacturing plant right in Quebec starting up in mid December of 2020.  As this catches on I am suspecting that the municipalities will start switching from salt for our sidewalks to more effective, longer lasting and natural wood chips.  We will be seeing more of Eco-Ice Grip"

- Jon Eakes

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