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How it Works

EcoIceGrip treated softwood traction chips are hygroscopic.  They attract surrounding moisture. When the moisture freezes it holds the chips firmly in place.

The chips are infused with a formulated pH neutral brine.  This ensures the product remains spreadable in sub-zero temperatures and can be conveniently stored outside in unopened packaging.  The brine also enables the chips to etch and embed in hard snow and ice over time.  Once embedded, they remain active providing a traction surface no matter how cold the temperature.

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Winter climate conditions are changing. It is not unusual for temperatures to swing from freezing to mild to sub-zero again in the span of a few days.  The methods below will show how EcoIceGrip is the solution for this new reality.

Traditional de-icers work by melting the ice to get to the original surface to create traction. Rapidly changing winter conditions means re-freezing and continual re-application. The large quantities of material consumed have both economic and environmental costs.




EcoIceGrip traction chips are buoyant. Many remain at the surface to provide traction even after multiple freeze-thaw cycles.  Replenish as required and for personal preference.


EcoIceGrip is suitable for pedestrian areas, including balconies, walkways, schoolyards, parking lots and secondary roads with light traffic and low speed limit. 

EcoIceGrip can be spread manually by hand or scoop.


Product is proven for use with conventional spreading equipment. Calibrate for reduced output when less replenishment is required

The product can be stored in sub-zero

temperatures without freezing together.

Application: One litre covers approximately 30 square feet or three square metres.

Replenishment: Many chips will remain in place even after scraping or snowfall. It is suggested 8–12 chips per footprint will provide a traction surface. Replenish as needed or to suit personal preference.

CAUTION: Traction chips will adhere to snow and ice in relation to temperature and available moisture conditions, which change often.  As with all ice control products, always use caution when walking on snow and ice, even if EcoIceGrip has been applied. We advise you confirm the chips have firmly bonded before walking or traveling on the area with confidence.

EcoIceGrip works in harmony with nature. It provides a traction surface that lasts through changing conditions. It covers more surface area with less product. It can be more effective than salt, sand or gravel in many types of winter conditions. It does not create slush.  It does not force damaging freeze-thaw cycles. It is not corrosive or damaging to property or the environment. This means economic and environmental benefits.

Feel good about using this product.  You deserve it!


EcoIceGrip is very EASY to apply!

Choose your preferred method...

Primary Method:

  • A pro-active method is to deploy traction chips at the start of the season before a snow or ice event occurs.  Clear new snowfall as usual.  Many of the chips remain in place.  Replenish as needed or to personal preference.  8-12 chips per footprint will provide adequate traction for most.

  • This initial deployment becomes your Base Traction Layer (BTL) for the remainder of the season.

  • Continue to clear new snow events as usual and build upon the BTL as required. Less replenishment will be required over the course of the season.

  • If the area becomes dry, leave traction chips in place for the next winter weather event.


Second Level of Protection:

Enhance and extend safety of other products

  • Salts and chemical ice-melt products (commercially referred to as de-icers) are less effective over time and as temperatures change.  Abrasives sink and are no longer effective when ice thaws and then refreezes.

  • If you are inclined to use these products, add EcoIceGrip to your routine. Many of the buoyant traction chips remain at the surface when temperatures fall and the melted ice refreezes.  The chips continue to provide traction safety at even the coldest of temperatures. 

Problem Areas:

  • Apply EcoIceGrip directly to puddles and low lying areas where water will pool and ice patches form.

  • If hard ice has already formed, apply a minimum of ice-melt or moisture to the area and then apply the traction chips.

End of Season:

  • Sweep or blow leftover chips onto adjacent lawn, greenspace, or roadside. They will decompose to become a soil amendment.

  • Alternatively, the dry, lightweight chips are easily gathered and able to be used as mulch or compost.

Spread Rate

1 L of product covers 3 square metres 
(approximately 30 square feet)

EcoIceGrip traction chips cover about four times more surface area than salt by weight.

Rescue Puppy

A Message from your

Loyal Pet

It hurts when I walk and run on road salt or sharp abrasives.  My paws sting.  I lick them, but the salt contains nasty, toxic stuff and affects my health.

When I walk on wood chips it is like a walk in the park.  I love walks in the park, and car rides, I love car rides too, unless you are taking me to the vet for a shot, I don’t like shots.

Thanks for listening.  I love you. You are great.  I am so happy you are home!

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