How it Works

Winter traction chips provide a non-slip surface. They keep working, even in the coldest temperatures!





EcoIceGrip is suitable for pedestrian areas, including balconies, walkways, schoolyards, parking lots and secondary roads with light traffic or where the speed limit is below 50 km/h and covered with packed snow.

Traction chips have a pH-neutral brine coating. When the chips are spread on hard-packed snow or ice, they melt the snow or ice on contact and become embedded in place. 

Application: One litre covers approximately 30 square feet or three square metres.

Replenishment: Many chips will remain in place even after scraping or snowfall. It is suggested 8–12 chips per footprint will provide a traction surface. Replenish as needed or to suit personal preference.


Using a spread rate of about 8 to 12 chips per footprint, apply EcoIceGrip as you would salt, sand, or gravel:
By handful or scoop

By machine, using convention spreaders. Note that some equipment may require a slight adjustment to meet technical requirements.

Traditional de-icers work by melting the ice to get to the original surface to create traction. Rapidly changing winter conditions means re-freezing and continual re-application. The large quantities of material consumed have both economic and environmental costs.

EcoIceGrip traction chips are buoyant. Many remain at the surface to provide traction even after multiple freeze-thaw cycles.  Replenish as required and for personal preference.

EcoIceGrip works in harmony with nature. It provides a traction surface that lasts through changing conditions. It covers more surface area with less product. It can be more effective than salt, sand or gravel in many types of winter conditions. It is not corrosive or damaging to property or the environment. This means economic and environmental benefits.

Spread Rate

1 L of product covers 3 square metres 
(approximately 30 square feet)

EcoIceGrip traction chips cover about four times more surface area than salt by weight.

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