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New Production Site Launched for ECOICEGRIP™

EM Enterprises to produce ECOICEGRIPTM to serve Quebec and US market expansion.

New Production Site Launched for ECOICEGRIP™

EM Enterprises to produce ECOICEGRIP™ to serve Quebec and US market expansion

Montreal, Quebec: EMC3 Technologies Inc. today announced the launch of a new production site for ECOICEGRIP™. ECOICEGRIP™ is a non-slip traction surface product for snow and ice safety. Unlike traditional road salt or alternative de-icers, this treatment is economical, eco friendly, and not harmful to pets, plants, water, infrastructure, and property. The technology was first developed in Switzerland for use in ecologically sensitive areas of the Swiss Alps and Jura Mountains. The patent has been licensed exclusively to EMC3 Technologies Inc. for development of the North American market.

Over the last few seasons, ECOICEGRIP™ has been successfully demonstrated at a growing number of municipal, college, and residential locations. A funding announcement from MRC des Etchemins to EM Enterprises will support part of their production start-up investment. The added production capacity permits ECOICEGRIP™ to expand deployment to more municipalities, schools, parks, and industrial applications (ski hills, resorts, construction sites, etc.). Furthermore, EM Enterprises have installed a packaging line, so ECOICEGRIP™ will soon be widely available to the consumer market segment.

This milestone is a significant step for EMC3 Technologies mission to reduce the use of road salt and the related environmental and infrastructure damages in North America.

“We are confident in EM Enterprise’s ability to deliver our quality specifications and reliably supply our customer requirements” says Jim MacKenzie, EMC3 Technologies Inc. company founder. “EM Enterprise source raw material from the residuals of a large sawmill within the region. The sawmill’s wood originates from FSC certified forests, so the sustainable, renewable, and circular nature of this supply nicely aligns with our environmental objectives, which is one of the prime value-propositions for ECOICEGRIP™ product.” explains business partner Greg Maloney.

This news comes in the wake of recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

• The launch of a new brand identity.

• The development of an online store launching in December.

• New consumer format packaging for retail distribution.

To learn more about ECOICEGRIP™, click here

About EMC3 Technolgies Inc.: EMC3 Technologies Inc. sources, develops, and produces innovative clean-tech and low-carbon alternative products. License for the patent related to the Swiss developed non-slip surface product for snow and ice was obtained for North America and is marketed under the ECOICEGRIP™ and StopGlissBio™ brands.

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